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    • Breakfast of Champions

            I am a big fan of a big bacon and egg breakfast on a Sunday with the family. The good old fashion fry-up is something that gets me out of bed early….Although by the time it is done it is more like brunch than lunch. Lately I have been inspired by my

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    • Ice Cream

      Ice Cream Ice cream is one of those things that most people take for granted. You make your dessert then buy a tub and then add it to the side like a dollop of cream or an add on. Yet Ice cream can be the hero of a dessert if you take the time to

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    • Panna Cotta Vanilla Mango

      Mango and Vanilla Panna Cotta Panna Cotta is a simple and delicious dessert that has had resurgence in its trendiness of late. A basic Vanilla Panna Cotta done properly will wow the most discerning pallets. Many people get over excited with this dessert and totally destroy its delicate flavour by coupling it with strong flavours

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    • Vanilla Bean Paste

      Vanilla Bean Paste The quality of Vanilla bean or extract or paste or essence you use can make or break the flavours of your custards cakes and desserts in general.  Alternatively using a quality extract or paste or bean can turn a basic crème anglaise, custard or ice cream into a triumph. The way I

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    • Chocolate Crepes

      Chocolate Crepes There are times when I have to make desserts on short notice with minimal time available and basic ingredients from the pantry. When my wife was pregnant I was called on at any un- godly hour to whip up something in the middle of the night to satisfy a sweet craving. A pastry chef

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    • Banana Bread & Butter Pudding as featured on 2UE with Tim Webster

      Banana Bread & Butter Puddings There is no better winter warmer comfort dessert than Bread & Butter pudding…It is so simple and fool proof to make but always a winner….It is a great way to use up any leftover Banana Bread…..Traditional recipes use sultanas but I think blueberries work just as well if not better….

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