Monday, 23/7/2018 | 3:28 UTC+10

The unexpected celebrity..Are hybrid desserts just a fad?

The world of social media has created many unexpected celebrities. From viral videos of dogs sliding on floors and cats that don’t know how to be cats… to the generally clumsy or shocking, pretty much anyone or anything that entertains becomes viral.

In the food world this has the power to create a trend. The phenomena of the cronut took pastry chef Dominique Ansel from modest baker to superstar Pastry Guru overnight. Hybrid pastry trends are big business and no more so than here in Australia. Customers are lining up to try the next great trend..

So I have been busy in the kitchen playing around with what traditional dessert I can genetically modify to create the next culinary masterpeice that you will be lining up for…..

So here it is …. the cruffin……Layers upon layers of buttery, flakey, croissant goodness, specially layered and folded to rise in a muffin cup then injected with nutella or salted caramel… (more flavours to come) ….

I will be releasing this Hybrid bad boy as on Monday into cafes and distributors around Sydney…. Feel free to drop me a comment on what you think…..cruffin1 cruffin2 cruffin3 cruffin4




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