Monday, 23/7/2018 | 3:32 UTC+10

Breakfast of Champions




Breakfast of champions

I am a big fan of a big bacon and egg breakfast on a Sunday with the family. The good old fashion fry-up is something that gets me out of bed early….Although by the time it is done it is more like brunch than lunch. Lately I have been inspired by my Mediterranean roots and have fused the fry-up into a light exciting breakfast that is simple and does not weigh you down for the day.

Instead of oily hash browns I cut some fresh potatoes and shallow fry some hot chips… These takeaway the need for bread, hash-browns , pancakes, muffins or whatever your carb of choice is… While they are cooking I cut some cucumbers, Tomatoes, put some olives and fetta cheese on communal platters, drissle with olive oil sprinkle a little salt and oregano leaves.. By that time the chips are ready….. I fry or poach a few eggs which gives the chips just enough time to cool and there it is a Mediterranean breakfast of champions.




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