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Why are Dessert bars filled with Beautiful People – The Era of Cheat treats

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I’ve been making cakes for a while now, and the market is constantly changing…. Or is it?

Ever since the the rise of the booming cafe industry in Australia suppliers and product developers are constantly trying to be the first on the seen with the new Muffin or Banana Bread. That is the new product that everyone must stock to remain competitive. The product that goes from trend to staple within months and is 50 percent of the display cabinets sales.

For a period of time there was a myth in the marketplace and many Bakers and Pastry chefs fell for it, and that is that the market is looking for healthy guilt free desserts. Gluten Free, organic, low carb, etc.

And yet all the dessert bars are filled with Beautiful people.

I regularly receive briefs from many dessert bars I supply and they are constantly looking for new ideas and creations, the more decadent and sinful the better. If its not layered in butter, soaked or rolled in sugar, deep fried, filled or topped with Nutella then a Kit Kat or Oreo plonked on top then no one is interested. Some pastry cabinets now look more like the supermarket chocolate isle.

So why, in the era of non GMO, organic, vegan, gluten free is this happening.

My explanation is this, what is the point of a treat if its not a treat. Why bother with the stress and allow yourself the treat. Why go to the gym 5 times a week if your not going to allow yourself a guilt free CHEAT TREAT!!!!

And because its guilt free and it’s my cheat day, do not dare insult me with this Vegan, organic, low carb gluten free, there’s a time and place for that. I want it made from real WHITE gluten filled flour, with butter from a COW. And deep fry it and soaked it in sugar and fill it with chocolate then dust it again with sugar then and then and then ……

What made me think about it was when I was browsing through the comments section of one of my customers Instagram posts and some anonymous troll decided to go nuclear about how there is an obesity epidemic and diabetes and sugar and anyone eating a cake will surely die. (maybe a little exaggerated but you get the gist) And maybe its true about the epidemic, but I don’t see that in the Cafe culture or dessert bars. Quite the opposite, I see a lot of young vibrant energetic teens, couples families enjoying a giggle as they read through the decadent menu, the familiar OMG as their chosen method of self destruct arrives at the table. The familiar take a selfie with the food first, dig in later. And a beautiful sense of happiness when they have completed their chosen cheat treat.

I think the new generation are done with the guilt, and are sick of being told that if it tastes so amazing you can’t have it. The new generation want to control what they want and when they want it and refuse to accept that they cant have it. Instead of hiding in the corner and scoffing down a donuts they want it injected with Nutella and posted as a selfie on Instagram with the caption… Just came from the gym time for my Cheat treat…..

And we as the peddlers of all things sweet and sinful have the God given duty, to make it bigger and sweeter and more indulgent than ever…..



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