Monday, 23/7/2018 | 3:35 UTC+10

Welcome to Master Pastry Chef.

Let me fill you in on the purpose or journey which I will be taking you on, week be week in Master Pastry Chef.

The purpose of this website is to let you in on the joy and magic of being a pastry chef. My aim is not to confuse you with meaningless theories and processes of how to create wonderful desserts and culinary delights, but show you how to create the wow factor in your desserts and foods using simple cooking tips and processes which many pastry cooks and chefs alike keep closely guarded as they want to keep the mysticism in the products they create.

A lot of the shows on TV and recipes on websites seem so daunting that many people don’t even bother trying to replicate them as it is either too hard or complex or the mess it will create is not worth the effort. Let me tell you when I create one of my classic desserts or foods I strive for minimal time and minimal mess as my wife stays well away from me when I am in the kitchen so any mess I make I have to clean myself with no apprentice to palm it off to.

A little about me…My name is Theo and I am a qualified pastry chef… although the majority of my skills are self taught or skills I have picked up from many talented pastry chefs I have worked with…Food has been more than just a passion for me all my life…Growing up in a country town of Albury and being of Greek origin I was always in or around a kitchen as the family business whether it be a café or restraurant or fish & chip shop was always food orientated…I always remember rolling pastry dough with my mum at a young age or doing any number of food prep jobs with my dad after school in the various shops he had over the years.

I made my first pie from scratch when I was about 11 years old when my parents were out and the babysitter fell asleep….There was leftover chicken curry in the fridge but that would not satisfy me so I rolled out the pastry and created the pie crust from watching my mum make her famous Spanakopita….

I am now General Manager and part owner of a wholesale Patisserie called Fleur De Lys Patisserie…we service cafes all over Sydney and contract manufacture high volume pastries for Hotels restaurants and distributors….

Why do I call myself Master Pastry Chef…. Well let me explain this as it hits on the core purpose of why I am doing this….I deal with pastries every day…we have 32 staff including Pastry chefs, kitchen hands cleaners etc.. But that is not why…. I can from scratch without a recipe create any of the 200 odd lines we manufacture…but that is not why….I can recreate any cake or pastry by eye given enough time or the right ingredients but that is not why……I have formulated from scratch many of the products we sell and adjusted recipes from content to baking brought them successfully to market and are now in cafes all over Sydney but that is not why…Give up…..

Because after all that if I have any spare time on the weekends my form of stress release or pleasure or hobby is spent re-creating the classics…Whether it’s a classic Crème Brule, Tiramisu, gateaux, cheesecake or Buttery Croissant nothing beats the classic desserts and foods which people will travel miles for and the original and best recipes have been replaced by over technical recipes created by Chefs who think that the harder I make this look to re-create the more famous I will be….Yet if you want to put the wow factor at the end of a dinner party nothing is more satisfying than the classics…..And they are simple if you know the techniques and usually the simpler the ingredients the better the results so for many of the recipes I have experimented by eliminating unnecessary ingredients and processes so it is easier for you to look like the master pastry chef…..